Cancer Screening For Prevention And Early Detection

“Cancer is curable if detected earlier”, this is true, if cancer can be detected earlier it can be completely cured. One third of cancers are curable if detected earlier. So ther are lots of things that we can do to diagnose cancers in early stage. For this we have to regularly go for screening tests such as breast screening tests, pap smear tests for cervical cancer awareness. In Nepal evay year more than 1,100 women are loosing loves of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the most preventable cancer and is less in developed world while as in Nepal it is the most prominenet cancer of women due to lack of screening awareness. NCRS conducts cancer screening camps within the valley and to the remote outskirt of Nepal every year. It conducts cervical cancer screening camps specially focussing women of Nepal. Lots of people inclusing women and children have been benefitted from the cancer screening camps organized by NCRS.