Cancer Education Program

Approximately 40% cancer are preventable. For this we should have awareness about what is cance and how it can be prevented. For primary prevention, various cancer awareness programs are organized by NCRS such as cancer awareness classes, workshops, seminars, interaction programs and conferences. The programs are generally targetted crom community people to the policy makers. Cancer and tobacco awareness classes are conducted in schools, colleges, communities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

The society spread awareness messages to most part of the country throuhg its 43 district branches. Rallies are also conducted on world no tobacco, day, world cancer day for mass public awareness and Public Service Announcements are broadcasetd frorm the Television and Radio programs. Several cancer awareness documentries have been made by NCRS for publlic awareness. NCRS distributes brochures and posters to most part of the country for raising cancer awareness for prevention. People are highly educated on what is cancer, what are the early symptoms of cancer, how to prevent cancer, major risk factors of cancer (including tobacco products) why screening is important for prevention and early detection and how to do self breast examination etc are some of the major points that NCRS highlights to raise awareness.

NCRS also conducts conferences targetting policy makers for the provision of best cancer control health policies in Nepal.